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My Internet Marketing Journey begins here…

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My Internet Marketing journey begins, officially I suppose, on Wednesday 22nd July, 2009. But before I get into the details of this allow me to give you some personal background on me first.

I graduated from University with degrees in Business Management and Computer Science and attained my first employment at an Internet Marketing company Dark Blue Sea where I worked initially as one of their lead PHP / MySQL programmers, and then later on as a project / operations manager looking after a number of the company’s concept products. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t too interested in Internet Marketing at this stage, as I’m sure I could have learnt a great deal more about Internet Marketing during my time there, however I did get the opportunity to meet some VERY talented online marketers whom I still keep in contact with today.

Since then, I have also worked as a senior SQL Server DBA (specializing in performance optimization) for the Queensland government, looking after more than 100 SQL Servers – something which I’ve always enjoyed the task of doing. However as with any job over a long enough time frame, there’s only so far you can go (personal development wise / financially) and so I caught myself looking for the next big challenge in my life.

This takes me to July 22nd 2009, when a friend of mine whom I first met at the internet marketing company, Nick Peall, invited me along to a 4 day seminar he signed up to, hosted in New Zealand, called the World Internet Summit. My first impressions of this, looking at their site, was that this was more than a little dodgy. Their “sales letter” struck me as extremely amateur. The website promotions had almost an Amway feel about it; buy our CDs, then sell them our product as your own (??)… but then figured what have I got to lose? People all too often close doors of opportunity without ever exploring beyond their own comfort zones. Besides, my friend was pretty keen to go and so in the end, I went along with him to check it out.

Long story short; I met a large number of extremely talented, well known and (ridiculously) wealthy Internet Marketers, each of whom promoted very consistently that ANYBODY could do this. Still perhaps somewhat skeptical, their various techniques and approaches did strike me as being more than plausible. Furthermore, with my technical and marketing background, if “anybody” can do this, then I would think I’d at least be on the positive side of the probability bell curve so far as “Internet Marketing Millionaire” potential goes.

And so I decided to put my money where my mouth is, and signed up for 3 courses; Simon Leung’s Google Insider program ($3k – specialising in Adwords / CPC marketing), Mark Ling’s Affiliate Marketing course ($2k) and a 3rd course ($2.5k) – and arguably most interesting – a life mentor program which offered an “Iron Clad, money back guarantee” that I will succeed at achieving whatever goal I set for myself within 17 months.

Armed with these three programs, I set myself a “breakthrough goal” of $85,000 per month “passive, residual” income (which for those not so hot at maths, comes to about $1.02 million a year). And it is this journey that I will be journaling over the coming months.

Whatever your media of choice, please be sure to add me if you’re interested to see how this story unfolds. Laugh and learn with me at my failures, and hopefully take away some effective and lucrative Internet marketing techniques along the way!






I will try to post every few weeks with update on my progress, the things I’ve tried and the lessons I’ve learned along the way!

Kind regards,

Sia Shamsai