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The Internet Marketing Formula

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The formula for Internet Marketing is pretty straight forward. Whether you’re promoting your own product or that of an affiliate, your online marketing campaign should basically go along the lines of the following, in approximately the following order for development;

1. Identify the Niche Market or Product to Promote
2. Do your Keyword Research
3. Create your squeeze Page with an “ethical bribe” to collect your visitors email details
4. Then on the final product page, deliver a compelling sales letter to complete the sale.

Sounds simple enough right? Well, more or less. Probably the most complicated component of this entire process is the initial learning curve! (1) There are literally thousands of Niche markets out there; everything from the mainstream online dating and latest miracle fat cures through to the more specific (and crazily enough, proven to be lucrative) niches of tatoo design, how to build chicken coops and pumpkin carving! (2) The next step is Keyword research; this typically follows a fairly specific criteria also in order to establish the correct long tailed keywords pertaining to that specific niche which generate enough traffic per month without excessive competition. Your keyword research will play an integral role in both your Google Adwords campaign and site’s search engine optimisation (which feeds back into your page rank and ultimately cost-per-click overhead).

(3) Your squeeze page (or “lead generation” page) requires a special mention as this is the component which is by far the most important in your online marketing promotion. Generally speaking, there is only a 1% conversion of people who hit your site that actually go through to complete a purchase. Through the giving away of something of value (an “ethical bribe”), in exchange for a visitor’s name and email, you are able to build a list of potential buyers within that niche market. As has been reiterated to me countless times by MANY of the Internet Marketers I have met and spoken to; THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST! … and I cannot emphasise this enough. Through effective back-ending, your online marketing campaign can potentially convert as high as 20% or even 50%, through email marketing directly to your niche-specific list. I’ll go into the specifics of settings this up in detail later on.

(4) Finally there is the sales letter leading to the final product sale itself. When dealing with affiliate products, the affiliate themselves will more than likely already have a sales page in place for your to send your traffic to. This isn’t to say you’re completely at the disposal of the affiliate’s sales copy, as your preceeding squeeze page can (and should) also be used to further incentivise the sale through perhaps a post-sale bonus of sorts. If you’re promoting your own product (and I will step you through this process in later posts), then the creation of your own sales letter will be key to the success of your campaign, and unless you’re a professional sale copywriter, I would strongly recommend outsourcing this task.

So you now have a brief outline of the Internet Marketing formula. In the following posts I’ll be going through the various components of this in more detail. I’ll also be opening up my own newsletter shortly which will give you additional how-to’s and guides on such things as correct website submission techniques to search engines, search engine optimisation tips as well as guides on information production creation, setting up your own payment gateway and more advanced guides on back-link generation techniques!