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A Word on Motivation…

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It’s 5:30am on a cold winters morning. It’s raining outside. You’re sound asleep, your body in that perfect comfortable position that you could just spend all morning in without moving. You dig yourself in a little deeper under your warm duvet, mentally more than ready to settle in for another solid 4-5 hours of peaceful rest and relaxation…

… then without provocation, a sudden piercing siren shatters the calm as your alarm clock goes off beside your ear. You fumble about in the dark trying in desperation to coordinate your sleeping / numb limbs to find the off button in the dark. Disgruntled, you slump back into bed waiting for your heart rate to slow back down and thinking bitterly about what must inevitably follow. A few moments later you draw up the courage to get out into the cold night and feel your way to the bathroom. Closing the door behind you, you switch on the heat-lamps which turn the dark room brighter than the surface of the sun and leaves you standing there helpless for a few moments with your eyes pressed shut while you wait for your pupils to slowly adjust under the lids… eventually you start to progress through your morning rituals once your gift of sight has returned to you.

A short time later you depart your home with one of two prospects to look forward to; 1. A commute on public transport where you get to enjoy long queues, odd smells, crowded buses and then of course the same experience again on your way home… or 2. Take the car and try to make it into the city early enough to catch the concession parking, however all the while anxious about getting caught in some freak traffic congestion which will write off your morning in a rhythmic clutch destroying exercise, only be rewarded with a full fair parking fee at the end of it all. And the insult to injury, having to suffer endless talk shows on every single radio station with not a song between them to calm the rising beast within.

… so where am I going with all this? Well ask yourself, how is this scenario in any way, size, shape or form, quality of life? I mean, how is anybody seriously supposed to spend 30-40 years of their adult working life living like this?!

But with every dark cloud, there is a silver lining…. right? Anthony Robbins talks in one of his seminars, that in order to create action or motivate somebody to implement change in their lives, they either need to feel a strong favorable emotion toward that thing, or a strong negative emotion pushing them away from it (the latter generally being the stronger motivator). And with this is born the motivation and drive to push yourself toward achieving more with the life you’ve been given. And if you’ve found this not to be true, then it simply means that pain or unfavorable emotion isn’t strong enough for you to really want to change it, or you’ve normalized it and now believe that this is just how life is and you can’t do anything about it… what I like to refer to as ‘learned helplessness’ 😛

So next time you’re annoyed or frustrated with some aspect of your life, it’s important to remember that the choices ALWAYS remain with you to make the changes you need to make in your life. Every dark cloud will always have a silver lining, even if that silver lining is little more than the reminder you need to get off your bum and do something about it.

… a little food for thought 😉