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Creating the Perfect Digital Resume

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With the increased uptake in mobile internet enabled devices such as tablet PCs and on-line services as LinkedIn (aka “Facebook with Ties”), the classical printed résumé is quickly becoming a thing of the past, with many next-generation job hunters opting to leverage the power of social media through completely digital-media based résumés.

Services such as LinkedIn provide a searchable platform for prospective employers and recruiters to find you based on your profile skillsets, however more exciting again is the use of video résumés which adds a whole new dimension to the on-line application process, with many (new age) employers embracing social media tools such as Google’s video streaming technology (Google hang-outs) to facilitate interviews of geographically remote applicants.

But as with any formal process, there’s generally a right way and a wrong way of going about it, so in the interests of getting you started on the right foot, check out the below infographic for some useful pointers in going completely digital in 2012!

Surviving Redundancy – Your Road Map to Recovery (Free Download)!

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There’s been a lot of talk in the news recently about the mass lay-offs across the Queensland government. And while I’m not one to deny that there’s probably a fair share of bloat in the public service, the loss of a job (be it personally or even that of a close friend) can be quite devastating. Unemployment brings with it an uncertainty surrounding your future income, how to handle existing financial obligations such as car payments and mortgages, as well as the personal responsibilities in taking care of a family or loved ones. All these factors can become quite stressful and it’s often in these times that we tend to lose our direction a little bit.

When we feel secure in our lives, our mode of thinking is generally calm and collected. We’re able to take a pragmatic and strategic approach to the decisions we make as there isn’t any real pressure or urgency that influences this process. The problem however isn’t during these times of serenity but rather when that calmness is disrupted and something (such as an unplanned loss of a job) and forces us into our more primal survival mode. By contrast with our strategic mindset, our survival mode is largely emotion based and as a consequence can have a less than ideal impact upon our cognitive decision making processes (emotional intelligence 101). Logic and reason take a secondary position to much stronger emotion based drivers such as panic and fear, which can lead us to making some quite poor decisions – in some extreme cases even crime (case in point).

It’s for this reason I thought I’d put together a bit of a roadmap for those who have been affected by these government lay-offs. The below “Employment Disaster Recovery Strategy” looks at a range of re-employment (or income generating) options which you may not yet have considered – particularly if you’re already in survival mode. It should be noted that the objective of this guide isn’t to sit you down and tell you what to do – unfortunately you’ll still need to put some thought in yourself. However by reviewing all the options that are actually available to you (as presented through this “strategic mind set” created mind-map), you will hopefully be in a much stronger position to collect your thoughts, refocus and make the decisions that will take you into a considerably more positive direction in your life.

Along with this, I’ve also included a number of immediate to-do items in the event that you lose your job (items which could save your house and credit rating), as well as listing a variety of diverse industries and professions – which even if you don’t currently qualify for, may still spark some ideas for interesting opportunities through apprenticeships, reskilling or even on-the-job assistant level positions which you could then build upon.

So I’ll finish this post on the following important notes:

  • Only Action leads to outcomes – if you don’t do anything to help your situation, your situation will never improve.
  • And above all, it’s important to look on change as a new opportunity. People fear change, however opportunities are exciting times for personal development and growth.

Download Your FREE Employment Disaster Recovery (DR) Mindmap here!

Work from Home or Work from the Office [InfoGraphic]

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Those who know me also know I don’t pull my punches when it comes to my thoughts on telecommuting and remote working arrangements… and you wouldn’t believe the self control I have to exercise right at this moment not to launch into another tirade about this… so I’ll keep this post short and sweet with the following research on Telecommuting, presented in a beautiful Infographic format:

How to tell if Someone is Lying [InfoGraphic]

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I’ve always been fascinated with sociology and the study of human body language, so when I came across this fantastic infographic by on how to tell if somebody is lying, I had to post this up on my blog.

This guide takes you through the verbal queues, the body language give-aways, the emotional gestures and contradictions, general interactions / reactions, eye movements – even down to the subtle “micro-expressions” that you can learn to look for in order to find out if someone is telling you porky pies!