Creating the Perfect Digital Resume

With the increased uptake in mobile internet enabled devices such as tablet PCs and on-line services as LinkedIn (aka “Facebook with Ties”), the classical printed résumé is quickly becoming a thing of the past, with many next-generation job hunters opting to leverage the power of social media through completely digital-media based résumés.

Services such as LinkedIn provide a searchable platform for prospective employers and recruiters to find you based on your profile skillsets, however more exciting again is the use of video résumés which adds a whole new dimension to the on-line application process, with many (new age) employers embracing social media tools such as Google’s video streaming technology (Google hang-outs) to facilitate interviews of geographically remote applicants.

But as with any formal process, there’s generally a right way and a wrong way of going about it, so in the interests of getting you started on the right foot, check out the below infographic for some useful pointers in going completely digital in 2012!

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