Pursuant to the global financial crisis, businesses were faced with the challenge of reducing their operating costs while maintaining the quality of services they provided, else risk being either too expensive or having service delivery failures lead to customers seeking out alternatives.

From this was born a new breed of on-demand workforce businesses, where for the first time businesses could afford having technology specialists available and looking after their infrastructure based upon the requirements of their business.

By leveraging the latest in online collaboration and remote management and monitoring technologies, DBA Services Australia employs a fully industry certified, remote workforce geared at delivering highly responsive, cost effective and professional SQL Server support solutions to its clients.

With flexible support packages available, even smaller businesses can now gain access to Microsoft certified technology specialists from as little as $576 per month. With full time DBAs costing upwards of $6k per month, this is “no-brainer” investment for any business to ensure their SQL Server infrastructure remains fast, effective, available and recoverable.

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