IMASEO (Internet Marketing Advantage) is a digital marketing agency offering comprehensive online services to our clients, including website design and development, web hosting, search engine optimisation, online advertising and social media marketing.

The business was originally founded in 2003 as Visual Systems & Software, through the collaboration of 3 IT industry specialists; a graphics designer, an information systems specialist and software developer, with the purpose of creating holistic solutions that bring together each of these technologies in order to satisfy the demands for fully self-managed “rich media” websites, over (at the time) modem speed Internet connections.

Within our first year of operation, we had developed a range of products including realestate websites, software driven content management systems (amongst numerous others) and at the high point even managed to secure a contract for 8.4 million USD in royalties for the development of a new line-of-credit application called “MoneyWise”. Regrettably the US based client was overcome with the marketing challenges for this and ultimately this never materialised, however this event formed the catalyst which shifted the direction of the company towards what is has become today.

As the business had already acquired a substantial client base for our hosting and web development services, we became aware that we’d starting receiving increasing numbers of client’s requesting search engine marketing services. This push in demand for SEO, Online Advertising and (eventually) Social Media Marketing started to drive our business into an exciting new era of digital marketing.

So by 2015 the business was refocused and renamed to Internet Marketing Advantage and now supports a talented team of graphics designers, content writers, videographers, web developers and search engine optimisation specialists who have deliver quality solutions that really delivery results for business.

By 2012, our customer was almost entirely referral business driven base, and we continue to show strong growth with each year due to our quality service delivery and digital marketing services that really deliver results for our clients.

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