Maslow’s Hierarchy through Social Media

Most of us will have at some stage come across Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs; the 5 level pyramid which looks at the development of human psychology on the premise that lower order needs must first be satisfied (physiological, safety, feelings on belonging) before higher order needs are able to be achieved (self esteem, self realization / actualization).

What many may not have considered is how by reviewing an individual’s involvement in current-day social media platforms actually provides an insight into what level of this hierarchy they believe themselves to be operating within.

Whether true or not, it’s some interesting food for thought:

  • Self-Realisation: Bloggers / WordPress / Tumbler / Youtube (Video Blogging) – The full public expression of one’s personal views and opinions
  • Esteem: Twitter – Microbloggers, a more conservative yet still public expression of individual statements of opinion
  • Belonging: Google Plus, Facebook – Being part of online social communities
  • Safety: LinkedIn – Security through membership in professional online communities
  • Physiological: (Yet to be exploited through Social Media)

Maslows Hierarchy of Needs through Social Media

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