The Difference Between Nerds and Geeks

There’s a very important distinction that needs to be made between what Nerds are, vs what Geeks are. By way of example, the following are what I would classify as Geeks;

  • The guys from “Big Bang Theory” (these guys are way too cool to be Nerds)
  • Most Microsoft Systems Administrators

Whereas the following would be typically be classed as Nerds;

  • The guys in that “Beauty and the Geek” show (these poor guys are in fact Nerds)
  • Most Linux Systems Administrators

… and while I’m both a Linux and Systems administrator, I have to admit I identify moreso with the Microsoft crowd (as my hair isn’t long, I do enjoy day-light and I acknowledge that Star Wars is in fact just that little bit cooler than Start Trek) 😛

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